Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Advantages of Steam CleaningSteam cleaning which is also known as ‘hot water extraction’ process is considered to be the most effective method when it comes to giving carpets a thorough, proper clean. Compared to regular vacuuming, this technique will not only get rid of surface dirt and grime but will also eliminate harmful contaminants and allergens deep down the carpet’s fibers. In fact, this cleaning method is favored by majority of professional cleaners nowadays due to the many advantages that it offers such as the following:

Gives Proper, Deep Cleaning

Since the water solution used in this procedure is capable of penetrating deep down the fibers, it allows the cleaning agent to efficiently soak-up and remove not just surface dirt but also successfully eliminate and kill accumulated bacteria, viruses, allergens, dust mites, and other types of pollutants that are often invisible to the human eye and difficult to get rid of with just daily vacuuming.

Safe and Environment-Friendly

Another advantage of steam cleaning is that it’s proven to be safe and environment friendly for it only uses water instead of chemicals to clean. So there will be no trace of toxins or chemicals residues that will be left behind on your carpet, upholstery or rug after the procedure; hence the air in the surrounding will be safeguarded against being polluted. This will be beneficial for homes with kids and pets, as well as to those people suffering from asthma, allergies and skin irritations like eczema.

Removes Odor Causing Bacteria

This amazing feature is unique to hot water extraction since it’s the only cleaning technique that reaches deep down the carpet to eradicate and kill those odor-causing bacteria. The deep infiltration and the hot water temperature will effectively destroy any type of odor causing germs that are usually the main root of the unpleasant, carpet smell.

Mild But Efficiently Cleans

Compared to other methods, steam cleaning is milder yet still very effective due to the use of water that can successfully goes underneath the carpet to get rid of harmful contaminants build-up and odor causing bacteria. Now, you don’t have to worry about your carpet’s fabric or color getting damaged by those harsh solutions.