Upholstery Cleaning Northern VA

Upholstery Cleaning Northern VANorthern VA upholstery cleaning is one of our top-notch professional cleaning services that we offer for residential and commercial clients located in Northern Virginia. Our skilled and experienced cleaners will be grateful to assist you with any cleaning requests you might have, may it be on your couches, loveseats or car interiors. Our aim is to help bring back the wonderful and almost new condition of your furniture.

Your upholstery absorbs a lot of dirt, body oils, and grime from daily use. Over time, these contaminants in your furniture will lead to a dirty discolored look. Aside from that, it undergoes a lot of beating and gathers tons of grime from daily usage. Bacteria, dust, spills, stains, oils and sweat will hit your furniture too. Eventually, this will not just soil your upholstery and make it look unpleasant, but will also wear away at their fibers, thinning them and making them susceptible to rips, wear and tears.

Treating your upholstery with a professional clean will successfully eliminate dirt, germs, body oils and salt, as well as bacteria and other kinds of contaminants. Our cleaners will get it done by using the steam cleaning method, also called ‘hot water extraction’ process, which is known to be safe for your furniture, environment friendly and harmless to your pets.

Although most stains can be simply removed using traditional cleaning techniques, there are those stains that difficult to get rid of even to the most powerful scrubbing. In this case, we use specialized cleaning agents that will successfully eliminate them. In addition, we also have various deodorizers that can efficiently clear-out pet urine stains and odor.

Once done with getting your upholstery cleaned, we recommend you also get our spill and stain protection service. On this service, our cleaners will apply a thin coating on the upholstery that will help it resists stains and soiling for up to 12- 24 months; keeping their wonderful appearance for a long time.

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