Northern VA Pet Urine Removal

Who doesn’t like having pets at home? Dogs and cats are truly adorable animal companions anyone would like to keep at their home. However, many people are concerned about the problems these cute furry creatures will bring into their carpets, most notably after their pet urinates in the carpeting. A pet’s urine will leave stains and awful odor into the rug; that is why they must be properly removed since it will ruin the carpet’s wonderful appearance and may even bring negative health effects due to the different types of bacteria found on the urine.

Treatment for Pet Urine in Carpets and Rugs

Due to being acidic in nature, your puppy or kitten’s liquid waste cannot be easily removed. The trick here is that once your pet urinates, you need to immediately get rid of the moisture from your rug’s fibers so the formation of messy marks and unpleasant smell will somehow be avoided. Use a soft, white cloth to gently – never scrub – remove as much urine moisture from the carpet and to stop it from spreading into other areas of the carpeting.

You can also make use of in-store cleaning sprays or deodorizes to wipe out the stain and odor. However, you should be very careful when using these products as most of them usually contain really strong chemicals that can do more harm than good on your rug. This is because these concentrated solutions will leave behind toxic residues that will further damage the carpet’s fibers, color or material, as well as bring negative health effects.

Take note that permanent removal of pet urine from your carpet is not easy to do, particularly if the stain and odor have stuck on the fibers for a period of time already. Fortunately, you can still eliminate these dirty marks and horrid odor if you hire an expert cleaner. A professional technician is highly-skilled when it comes to dealing with pet urine issues since they use efficient cleaning methods, powerful equipments, specialized solutions and deodorizes that will successfully eradicate the stubborn stains and pungent odor from your rug for good.

Professional Pet Stain Removal in Northern VA

If you want to get efficient results, look for a reliable cleaning company in Northern Virginia that will send over licensed and qualified technicians to take care of your rug. Moreover, don’t forget to check the cleaning method, equipments and solutions that they are using. Find those professional cleaning companies that will not only guarantee you of the best cleaning experience for your carpet but will permanently remove the stains and odor caused by pet urine. With the help of professional cleaners, carpet owners can now fully enjoy having their beloved pets at home for they no longer need to stress about getting rid of their dog or cat’s urine.