Northern VA Removing Carpet Stain Tips

Removing Carpet Stain Tips Northern  VAFood and liquid spills can happen to your carpet on a day to day basis which will then lead to stains that if not removed instantly will become permanent markings that will be very hard to get rid of in the future. Despite the fact that majority of carpets nowadays have stain-proof qualities, they are still susceptible to getting spilled and stained. This is why it’s essential that you now some helpful tips in removing carpet stains so you can maintain the beautiful and spotless clean appearance of your home or business rug.

There are those types of stains that can be simply removed without the aid of professionals provided you know what techniques to use and cleaning solutions to apply. I will share below some valuable tips on how you can efficiently get rid of stains without causing any further damage to your carpet:

  • Don’t let stains linger on your rug for long for this will make it much harder to eradicate later on. Once a spill happened, immediately do something to remove it. First, find out what type of spill it is so you’ll know the best method or solution to use that will eradicate it efficiently. For example, spills due to wine or fruit juice are best removed using warm water, club soda or ammonia.
  • Before you clean the rug, make sure to remove any solid matter first using a cloth and then lift as many liquid as possible. After which, blot the spill with a piece of dampen cloth or sponge. Just do a gentle, blotting motion and never scrub the stain for this can ruin the carpet’s fibers and will cause the spills to spread on other areas.
  • Avoid using harsh stain removal agents but instead opt for those items you can find right into your own home. Like for instance warm water, a gentle dish washing liquid, vinegar, baking powder or club soda can also remove spills and even work as effectively like those over-the-counter solutions.
  • Take note that it’s never advised that you scrub, fold or roll up the rug or apply heat into the stained carpeting because these actions will surely further aggravate the stain and will more likely ruin your carpet.
  • There are those kinds of stains or spills that won’t easily come off. When you encounter this, it’s best that you hire the service of expert cleaners for they know the ideal method and cleaning solutions to use that will successfully remove old or new stubborn stains without damaging your carpet’s material, fibers or color.
  • While waiting for the professional technician you called to get rid of the markings on your rug, try to dampen the spill with clean water and then cover it with a moist fabric for this will help soften the stain.

Contact us now and let us help you successfully remove those stubborn stains on your residential or commercial carpets.

Knowing When You Need Expert Carpet Cleaning Assistance

Northern VA Carpet Cleaning In order to maintain the pristine condition and appearance of a carpet, regular cleaning will be necessary. However, constant vacuuming alone will not be enough to give it the thorough clean that it requires. Residential and commercial carpets will instead need expert care of at least once or twice a year so it will stay clean and healthy for a much longer period of time. You will need the assistance of professional cleaners if your rug experiences any of the following problems:

Accumulation of Harmful Contaminants

Surface dirt and grime can be removed easily but dust, bacteria, molds and viruses living underneath the carpet’s fibers – which are often invisible to the human eyes – will be impossible to eliminate with vacuuming alone sine it cannot reach the carpeting’s deepest area. However, a professional steam clean will be capable of killing and eradicating these harmful contaminants and pollutants due to its use of powerful equipment that reaches beneath the fibers.

Stubborn Stains and Heavy Soiling

Despite the fact that you vacuum your carpets on a regular basis, it’s still not capable of eliminating old or new stubborn stains, as well as heavy soiling. Expert cleaners knows how to remove these stains and soiling by using specialized solutions that are efficient in eliminating dirty spots yet gentle enough as to not ruin the material or color of the rug.

Resistant Odor-causing Bacteria

Your pet’s urine lingering in the carpeting will surely give it an unpleasant smell that will affect the quality of indoor air in your property. It will be impossible to remove the root of this horrid smell since they are often stuck deep down the fibers. Cleaning companies know exactly how to proficiently get rid and kill odor-causing bacteria no matter how resistant they are since their cleaners utilize the latest tools and solution in removing them completely.

Matted and Flat Carpets

Expert technicians know how to deal with a matted and flat carpet. They will give it the ideal care it requires in order to restore its once fluffy feel and lovely appearance. In addition, they will use safe and environment-friendly cleaning agents that won’t leave harmful residues behind which can wear-out the carpet even more.

Professional cleaning companies will provide rugs or carpets with a proper, deep clean that vacuuming will not be able to do. Most importantly, these skilled and expert technicians know and understand what will be the ideal treatment plan for the kind of home or business carpet that you have; therefore avoiding any damages on its material or color.