Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. As a consumer service, we are aware of our need to respect you and your personal information, and we are focused in maintaining your privacy and limiting access to your information by third parties. Below you will find our policies relating to your privacy.

Data Security:

This site is a partnership between a single carpet cleaning company in Northern, VA and a web developer. All contact information related to the web site alone is handled and answered by the web developer, and all quote requests or other contact related to cleaning services is handled solely by the carpet cleaning company. No information is passed along to third parties.

Personal Information:

As with any website, our servers collect your IP address, as well as the time of your visit, and if applicable, possibly the site or search engine you were at prior to visiting our website. This is standard practice across most if not all websites, and in no way personally identifies who you are. We keep track of this information to analyze and identify trends and to improve the website as a whole. Again, you IP address contains no personally identifying information.

Child Privacy:

Our terms of service are such that we do not permit children under 18 to access this website.

Please note the content of this page as well as our policies on your privacy may change at any time to reflect changes in local, national, or international law, or as an evolution of best practices. We reserve the right to retroactively apply policy changes to collected information. If you have any questions or would like clarification on part or this entire document, feel free to contact us.